Scientifically proven protective coating which kills viruses, bacteria and fungi with a 70 day guarantee. 

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Here at PathoProtect we understand that a safe environment is paramount. We offer a revolutionary antimicrobial coating service that actively eliminates pathogens, minimising the contact transmission and spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi after one application; saving you time and money.

Your workplace hygiene & cleaning solution

Why Use PathoProtect?

Efficient & Fast Application

Our sprayed/fogged method is a quicker and more efficient application.

Nano technology

Positively charged nano spikes attract and kill pathogens within minutes.

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Professional application

Our fully trained professional team carefully protect your workplace.

70 day Guarantee

Our service comes with a 70-day total protection guarantee.


No harmful chemicals are used in our application.

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Covid-19 Protection

Our coating slows the transmission of Covid -19.

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We offer our services across many sectors.


Businesses & enterprises of all sizes including offices and warehousing.


Medical facilities, doctor surgeries and other professional practices.


All public sectors including emergency services, council offices & schools.


Households and properties of all sizes accross The Midlands.


Buses, taxis, trains and any form of transport.


Hotels, exhibition centres, bars and nightclubs.

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A family Run Business

Klean Coat Ltd was established by Lee and Kelly. For the past two decades they have successfully managed Able Commercial Kleaners, providing a commercial cleaning service for a plethora of clients ranging from small independent firms through to large corporations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Installation by fogging ensures that the surfaces are not left damp. The flow rate used means that the coating will settle through the air onto the surfaces before bonding. No surfaces should be wet although time will be needed to allow the coating to settle sufficiently. After installation, one hour must be left before entering the room/area.

The coating is installed by our experienced technicians, all of whom have undertaken Infect Protect’s installation training programme. Our technicians will carry out tests following installation, capturing and logging these results. Customers are encouraged to carry out spot checks at random times, in the same specified areas using the antimicrobial testing kits which will be provided at the date of installation.

The coating permanently bonds via the natural polymerization process. In layman’s terms the coating will chemically combine to connect to the surfaces coated.

Once installed, the coating is also proven to be completely harmless to human, animal, and plant life so is the perfect addition to your antibacterial protection routine. Giving you peace of mind and the confidence to welcome your loved ones back into your home again.

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