A Short Insight Into PathoProtect

Our Story

PathoProtect was established by Lee and Kelly. For the past two decades they have successfully managed Able Commercial Kleaners, providing a commercial cleaning service for a plethora of clients ranging from small independent firms through to large corporations.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we were inundated with requests for our services. In particular there was an increased need for staff to continuously sanitise and secure all touch points as a means to protect staff and clients. However, this proved to be inefficient, labour intensive, expensive and required copious amounts of cleaning products. We found ourselves fighting a never-ending battle to keep people safe and protected.

We established PathoProtect as a way to provide an extra layer of protection for our clients. Our antimicrobial coating service has revolutionised how we protect people from pathogens. After just one application the coating works to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi from almost any surface within five minutes, reducing the need for constant attention and surplus cleaning products, providing more extensive antibacterial protection.

Our mission is to be nationally recognised for our antimicrobial coating services. To be known for our work in providing a safer environment for organisations of any size and in any industry. We will create a secure setting that optimises efficiency and productivity as corporations become more resilient in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi whilst also providing the public with the confidence to live their lives free of worry.

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