Stay Protected In and Around Your Home.


Protecting your living space has never been easier. Our antimicrobial coating service provides your home with the protective layer it needs  to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Once installed, you can rest assured that the coating is completely harmless to human, animal and plant life.  It’s the perfect addition to your antibacterial home-cleaning routine and will give you peace of mind to welcome loved ones back into your home in the future.

PathoProtect offers three levels of protection for our domestic clients
  1. Front and rear access doors and external bins.

  2. Three internal doors and either your kitchen (including external cupboards) or your bathroom.

  3. Your entire home, including all external cupboard doors and, if applicable, your garage door.

Your workplace hygiene & cleaning solution

Why Use PathoProtect?

Efficient & Fast Application

Our sprayed/fogged method is a quicker and more efficient application.

Nano technology

Positively charged nano spikes attract and kill pathogens within minutes.

Professional application

Our fully trained professional team carefully protect your workplace.

70 day Guarantee

Our service comes with a 70-day total protection guarantee.


No harmful chemicals are used in our application.

Covid-19 Protection

Our coating slows the transmission of Covid -19.

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